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Michelle is a globally recognized psychic medium and intuitive life coach and is the host of the iTunes podcast The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. She’s also the author of the psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic and she was honored to be featured at Hay House Radio in May 2016 to

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Matthew Brandau

San Fransisco


I have a lifetime of experience being a psychic medium and started my own paranormal investigation company which proved to be a valuable experience in understanding many aspects of investigations. I am a recognized psychic for a few celebrities. I am a native of Boston Massachusetts and hold a professional associate’s degree in

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(386) 523-7265
Cassandra is an internationally known Psychic Medium who is highly regarded for her accurate, detailed, and compassionate readings. She performs Psychic Readings and Mediumship Sessions by phone or in person. Her clients span nearly every continent. She has been helping people with her psychic ability since the age of 16, and her skills as a medium have helped people worldwide

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Torah Chand

San Francisco

I am a born master psychic gifted with Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. I am also a strong Empath and Intuitive Tarot reader.

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   Hi, I'm Sharon Pugh, a tested and certified Psychic and evidential Medium. When doing readings, immediately I’m able to see the past, present and future through my third eye (brow chakra) I combine the ability to hear messages from spirit with my urgent third eye to help guide you in any situation. I love working as a Medium connecting clients with loved

Profile picture of Rev Dr Vito LaNave South Florida Medium and Psychic
MISSION STATEMENT South Florida Medium is striving to give quality readings to its customers through “Do not harm/Do right philosophy. I am constantly striving to make your experience with us rewarding, pleasant and educational. The majority of our business is from referrals and I value your satisfaction with our services. Through your satisfaction we continue to grow. Namaste!!!

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I connect to my clients on a soul-level and serve as a bridge to bring them back useful information from a higher consciousness. I receive messages through claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairalience. If you need help getting clarity and understanding concerning your relationships, your career path, or your personal growth, request an instant

Profile picture of John Stewart & Maggie Shetz- Psychic Remote Viewers
(717) 340- 2121
We have found lost pets and valuable personal items through Remote Viewing any where on the planet.. Over 400 satisfied, informed and empowered Psychic reading clients. Working as a team our clients tell us "it's like getting two readings in one!" John and Maggie are professionally trained and naturally gifted and have been combining their unique blend of spiritual and intellectual talents

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Joy Elle

United States

1-888-626-7386 ext. 114981
Joy Elle is a gifted psychic medium, animal communicator, channel, healer, reiki master, theta healer, spiritual counselor on love and relationships, health, career, and finances. Find out the answers to your questions today! Joy Elle can read your energy and give you clarity, comfort and peace.

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I am very caring and compassionate in my approach to readings, but I tell you everything I see. If something comes up in your reading that is challenging, I always follow the energy out until it is positive again. I don't believe in leaving people stuck with a negative.

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(226) 346-3460
$25 for 15 min, $45 for 30 min, $85 for a full hour on OR $2.99/min instant reading. HONEST yet gentle on love, money, career, emotions, future & more. Cheryl is a RELATIONSHIP EXPERT; experienced & understanding of ALL relationships including LGBTQ. Also an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® ATP®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Cheryl is understanding, caring & NON-JUDGMENTAL

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Love/relationship readings, career/finances, timing readings, future forecasting, next gf/bf predictions, past life readings, energy healings and more. I offer insight according to your questions and situations with no judgement. Clear, concise, direct and accurate readings. I can offer you guidance on what you can do to influence things or solve a particular issue.

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Psychic and intuitive, Melody Bishop has over 20 years of reading experience. Learn how the runes can guide you on your path. Your future is not set in stone. You can change it. How you change it is up to you. The runes give the questioner a "game plan" for what the spirit needs at the moment. Once you tend

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Hello!! The forces of the universe have divinely guided you to me. I know you may not feel 100% ready but trust me it is time. You already know, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Take the final step to release all your fears, worries and troubles. I am a Gifted Internationally known Psychic and have been

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